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Brickell Business is our next stop and it's going to be epic at the new SLS. Bring your cards!


We designed G.L.U.E. to be an inclusive platform that brings people and resources together. We aspire to make a profound impact on our community but more importantly we want to cohesively inspire our neighbors to give and provide the skills necessary to shape our future. We are givers not takers, change makers and innovators. We put purpose before profits and open doors where there were only walls. 
Unite with other like-minded professionals to build relationships and new opportunities. We provide the resources, talent, and venue for you to connect the dots. 

Give your time and donate to those that are impacting our community.  We partner with socially responsible organizations to raise funds, awareness and lend a helping hand when needed. 

Take action with Creative G.L.U.E.

Creative G.L.U.E.
Evolve to be a better person who gives, learns and unites with others. Here we teach mindfulness, meditation and spiritual learning to access parts of your mind never thought possible.
Creative G.L.U.E is a 6 part series of creative networking events and workshops that showcases and celebrates creativity throughout Miami. Our networking platform strives to bridge the gap between business and creativity to cultivate entrepreneurship as well as new opportunities. We've selected 6 unique districts specifically tailored to cultivate the perfect blend of conversation and ambiance. 

Each District will host 6 different concepts that will allow Industry leaders, innovative thinkers and creative advocates to build strong relationships that foster in economic growth. Creative G.L.U.E is predicated on uniting specific talents to promote the emergence of new ideas, partnerships, and start-ups. At any of our events you will get to network, enjoy creative installations, engage with organizations and experience breakthrough technologies.

Learn from those around you and the leaders that are paving the future. Our workshops are thourough, engaging, and insightful to help fuel your dreams.


​​GIVE   +   LEARN   +   UNITE   +    EVOLVE

8000 West Drive - Harbor Island, FL 33141
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We are trying to feed 8,000 kids with our next event. Every dollar counts so please donate today. 



We exist to cultivate Entrepreneurship 

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