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We Are Glue

An experiential marketing agency based in Miami. A collective of creative minds.

At Glue Studios, we are the architects of unforgettable experiences. Our passion lies in crafting exceptional marketing that transcends the ordinary, leaving indelible impressions and amplifying your brand's message. With a dedicated team of marketing experts, we specialize in curating extraordinary experiences meticulously tailored to your unique vision and objectives.

We approach planning with a keen eye for detail, infusing every element with boundless creativity, innovation, and strategic thinking. From concept inception to seamless execution, we transform your ideas into immersive, captivating realities. Our decade-long journey is defined by a commitment to exceeding expectations, helping countless businesses expand their reach, and creating enduring memories.

We take pride in being more than just event planners or designers; we're your strategic partners in the pursuit of extraordinary results. Let us help you tell your story, elevate your brand, and craft moments that resonate long after the applause fades. Join us on a journey where your vision meets its full potential, and together, we'll create a world of wonder.

"Bridging the Gap Between Business & Creativity"

What We Are About


We've worked some of the brands & talents around the world. We've produced over 1k+ events, 200+ music projects, worked with 100+ national brands, and counting. 


Our agency strongly belive in creative solutions and designs that capture a memory. Our talented team of creators comes from all walks of life, races, and experiences. Creativity is everything.


Throughout the many years, we've been able to create a strong network of brands, executives, investors, artists and creators. We leverage our resources to our community to help it grow. Glue is all about community building, resource allocation, collaboration and good business ethics.

Manifestors & Creators

Image by Annie Spratt

Our Creative Spaceship

Located in

Miami, FL

The mother spaceship is located in sunny Miami, FL

Man Working at a Desk

We’d Love to Work With You

If you're an Brand, label, or creator would like to learn or expand on the capabilities of Marketing, hit us up, and let's get to work.

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