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Image by Ryan Spencer


Exclusive NFT Drops & Events during Basel




Art Week brings together some of the best artists, Djs, creators, & music innovators for an entire week in December. NFT Music Conference is a curated week of Art Activations, Exclusive NFT Drops, Performances & Music Expert Panels. We created this week to showcase a wide variety of music & digital talent in the NFT space.

The Best NFT Week in the World

5.0 Rating

What To Expect

We are working with some of the most important people in the music & NFT space to hear their thoughts on the industry.

Expert Panels & Guests

Every event will have areas to network, connect and make new friends in this expansive industry. Bring your business cards.

Networking + Connections

Our goal is educate as many people as possible and to give the power of an NFT. You'll learn from some of the best in the game.

Workshops & Events

Image by Alexander Popov

Come to the City where its warm in the winter

Miami is considered a top Crypto City & now an NFT haven for Artists

We are gathering the best in Music, Art, and NFTs in the Magic City.

Let's Meet in

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